Technical specifications

Double-walled, cylindrical tank body Ø2000 with:
1 x 2 ” filling line with Elaflex tank truck coupling fitted with a non-return valve. The connection position is located on the short side.
1x manhole (inspection opening) with lid (internal opening Ø 600 mm).
On the body:
4 x 2 ” spare socks (in preparation for appendages).
1 x 1½ ” monitoring well.
1 x 1 ” sock with an overfill protection probe.
1 x 2 ” sock with a pressure / vacuum valve mounted on the inside of the tank.
2 x 2 ” sock (spare connection).
2 x lifting eyes.
Leak detection pot + sight glass (medium leak detection fluid).
Plate thickness body / jacket resp. 5/3 mm.
Tank length: 4741 mm.
Capacity tank: 13500 liters.

– Dutch manufacture, fully developed and produced in Heerenveen.
– Welded leak detection pot with sight glass.
– Made from pickled plate, no risk of oxide or mill scale in the tank.
This ADRTank is suitable for storing diesel, lubricating oil and waste oil.
The tank complies with ADR 6.8, KIWA assessment guideline BRL-K796 / 02, EN13094 and is supplied including KIWA proof of conformity.
The version is based on a standard RAL color: RAL5002 (blue).
The applied paint system is selected for corrosion area C3, according to NEN-EN-ISO 12944-2.
The applied paint system has a service life expectancy of 15 years, tested on the basis of NEN-EN-ISO 12944-6.
The paint system must be treated annually to maintain the coating in the best condition.
The surface of the tank must be cleaned and any damage must be updated.
The 13,500L is placed in a 20Ft container (color 7021) and has the following options}
Pump delivery 90 liters per minute CUBE90 mounted on a Pedestal
Reel 15 meters 1 inch
Overfill protection
ADR approved aeration valve
Digital content meter.