Large-capacity storage that remains mobile

The Tolsma ADRTender tank container

The Tolsma ADRTender has been specially developed to meet customers’ needs for large on-site fuel storage capacities,
so that large construction machinery, generators, pumps or heaters can be used continuously for long periods. The storage capacity of the ADRTender, which ranges from 4,500 to 20,000 litres, makes this possible.

  • ADRTender

    The ADRTender with the smallest capacity consists of a 4,500L double-walled cylindrical tank built into a 10ft container. The 5,000L version consists of an open frame containing a cylindrical double-walled fuel tank. The tank is accessible via a ladder. The frame is equipped with forklift pockets that make it easy to move.
    The largest double-walled ADRTender consists of a 10ft or 20ft container with ISO standard dimensions, inside which there is a double-walled cylindrical tank with a storage capacity of 4,500L to 20,000L.
    All combinations are fully compliant with the ADR6.8, Kiwa and VLAREM regulations.
    The forklift pockets and twistlocks make them easy to move and secure.
    All ADRTenders can be stacked two high for space efficiency.

    Accessibility of the various container models

    The container’s large, lockable doors provide access to the tank(s) for filling, routine maintenance, inspection and cleaning. Optionally, a roof hatch can be fitted to allow access to the fuel tank’s manhole. Wall hatches in the side walls provide a lockable opening for passing through fuel hoses and power cables.
    It is also possible to create a lockable area for the pump compartment that is accessible to the users. That way, only the managers have access to the tank itself.
    The largest ADRTender, in particular, is suited to being configured as a complete refuelling station (whether private or commercial) for the registered delivery of fuel.
    For combined use of diesel and AdBlue®, an additional tank can be built in, if required, so that all necessary fuels are available on-site.


    The Tolsma ADRTender is double-walled and equipped with all the necessary provisions to eliminate leakage during filling and use. The ADRTender can also be equipped with a spill containment tray to catch any spilled diesel. The spill containment tray can also be used for the safe storage of liquid-filled drums.

    Convenience and efficiency

    Tolsma Tanks has developed a reputation as a specialist in on-site fuel storage. The Tolsma EnergyTenders have become indispensable at construction sites and other outdoor workplaces.
    With the ADRTender, Tolsma Tanks is meeting customers’ needs for a practical, safe and user-friendly mobile fuel-storage system with an extra-large capacity.
    As with all Tolsma Tanks, the construction is modular and the basic range is extensive enough to meet almost every user need.
    And if our regular product range is unable to meet your requirements, a custom solution is always an option.
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