Every aspect of the Tolsma EnergyTender+ Basic is designed with its task in mind: the safe storage of fuels in the mobile workplace.

With forklift pockets at every corner and lifting rods incorporated into the stacking profiles, it is very easy to handle. A recessed lid made of galvanised steel prevents damage. Stacking profiles allow you to place another tank, an excavator bucket, a tiltrotator bucket or other equipment on top. Robust, durable and easy to use in all respects – that sums up the EnergyTender+.

The EnergyTender+ Basic is ideal for use in the civil-engineering and forestry sectors as well as anywhere else where mobile energy is needed. The 3,000L version is also available in extra-high (181 cm) or extra-wide (1512 cm) versions.

Add a matching pump set to make your tank complete

Select the required storage capacity:
3000L CL (Compact & Low)
3000L HC (High Cube)

Do you need more space or capacity, for example to store AdBlue®? Choose one of the following models:

EnergyTender+ XL (extra large pump space) or

EnergyTender+ K (with a storage locker)

EnergyTender+ KD (with a storage locker with a door)