As of 1 January 2015, aboveground tank installations in the Netherlands must comply with the statutory environmental, safety and quality requirements laid down in the Activities Decree and PGS 30 (publication no. 30 in the Publication Series on Hazardous Substances). Tank installations must also have a Kiwa BRL-K903 installation certificate. The installation certificate ensures that the tank is Kiwa certified and installed correctly. The certificate also demonstrates to the competent authority that the tank installation is equipped with the appropriate overfill protection, anti-siphon mechanism and leak detection.


As a Kiwa-certified tank builder and installer, Tolsma Tanks can supply a full range of tank systems with the Kiwa BRL-K903 certificate.
The tanks are fully assembled in the factory, fitted with a pump set and the accessories of your choice. Larger tank systems and existing tanks are installed and certified on-site. They are fully installed with the components that have been selected by the user, so that they are ready to be put in service.

Tolsma Tanks chooses unconditionally for the customer’s real-world situation. Every product is fully tailored to this in all respects.