Users of the mobile Tolsma EnergyTenders are familiar with the special lifting aids that were developed for these tanks: the Tolsma Teckels, designed to take the weight off the tanks’ lifting eyes and make it easier and safer to move them.

With the introduction of the EnergyTender+ a new innovation has been launched. These tanks are equipped with lifting rods for extra ease of movement. You’d expect that this would reduce the need for a lifting aid. Yet, there is still market demand for an accessory such as the Teckel. That’s why we have designed the Teckel+, the logical extension of the EnergyTender+ for users who have to move the tank constantly. The Teckel+ has a completely new design that allows you to move the EnergyTender in no fewer than four different ways. The tank is always fitted with forklift pockets underneath and hoisting rods on top for easy movability. The Teckel+ adds two additional ways to move the tank: a lifting eye and lateral brackets to allow lifting with the arms of an excavator.
None of these provisions, however, interfere in any way with accessibility for use and inspection.
The Teckel+ is currently only available for the EnergyTender+ capacities 995L and 1,150L.

Tolsma Teckel+