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The Tolsma ADRTenders have been specially developed to meet the wishes of clients to have larger certified mobile fuel storage capacity on site to be able to refuel on site or to connect generators.
The program provides storage capacities from 4500L to 20,000L. With one exception (the open frame 5000L), the installations consist of a 10ft or 20ft sea container in which a double-walled cylindrical tank is mounted. The tanks are accessible through large doors at the front of the container, which are equipped with a double locking system (STK400) and a clamping system ((S20C). For extra accessibility, an extra hatch can be fitted in the roof. A hatch (optional) on the side can offer space for hose entry, or a control panel.
Depending on the chosen version, a pump compartment is arranged and / or space is available for placing an AdBlue container.
A floor filler spill can be applied to prevent environmental damage and fuel loss.