Tolsma EnergyTender mobile fuel tanks

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Tolsma EnergyTender mobile fuel tanks

The Tolsma EnergyTender+ is a mobile fuel tank: it delivers energy to the place where it is needed. That’s why, for decades now, this Tolsma tank, which is available in many different models, has been the reliable source of energy for companies in many different sectors, such as businesses in the field of civil engineering, generator rental companies and other rental services.

Why choose EnergyTender+?

The Tolsma EnergyTender+ is available in a wide range of capacities and models, so that virtually every need can be met.
The benefits:

  • The EnergyTender+ comes in three different basic models, so there is always a version that meets your needs;;
  • The EnergyTender+ can easily be mounted on a trailer (for low-speed or high-speed use) or delivered already mounted on a trailer;
  • The tank can be sprayed in any RAL colour so it perfectly matches your corporate identity;
  • The EnergyTender+ is compliant with all current VLG/ADR and Kiwa regulations. This means that the tank can be used on-site anywhere without any problems;
  • The tank can also be equipped with an integrated 60- or 200-litre AdBlue tank, if required.

A class apart

The many ingenious details incorporated into the design of our mobile fuel tanks truly put them in a class apart in terms of user-friendliness, durability and quality. Our extensive experience means we are able to offer a mobile fuel tank for every market segment. The standard version is ideal for use in civil-engineering work. For the rental sector, including machine and equipment rental, the generator version and the fully equipped version are both excellent solutions. In addition to mobile fuel tanks, Tolsma also produces stationary fuel tanks.

Robust design

Thanks to its robust design, the EnergyTender+ can take a few knocks. The lockable pump compartment allows for the installation of a pump set of your choice. The EnergyTender+ can be easily connected to a generator. After use, this fuel tank can be stacked to save space.

For work under extreme conditions, choose the extra robust version with an outer shell made of practically indestructible 5 mm steel plate.

Features of the EnergyTender+:

  • High quality, tremendous durability
  • An infinite range of capacities and models
  • Kiwa-certified
  • With a wide range of accessories to suit any use
  • Can be combined with an AdBlue tank (60 or 200 litres) if required
  • A custom-made design is also possible


In order to accommodate special purposes or requirements, Tolsma Tanks can provide custom-made solutions, in terms of both engineering and construction.
Please contact our sales team and enquire about the possibilities. We will get back to you promptly with an attractive proposal