The Tolsma ADRTenders have been specially developed to meet the wishes of customers for on-site access to larger certified mobile fuel storage capacities for on-site refuelling or connection of generators.

The range includes capacities of 4500L to 20,000L. With one exception (the open-frame 5000L), the installations consist of a 10ft or 20ft shipping container in which a double-walled cylindrical tank is mounted. The tanks are accessible through large doors at the front of the container, which are equipped with a double locking system (STK400) and a clamping system (S20C). For extra accessibility, an extra hatch can be fitted in the roof. A hatch (optional) can be fitted on the side for feeding a hose through or for mounting a control panel.

Depending on the chosen model, a pump compartment is fitted out and/or space is available for the installation of an AdBlue container.

In order to prevent environmental damage and fuel loss, a floor fill point drip tray can be installed.

The containers are furnished with a complete transport signage set:

– Numerical code frame, stainless steel (VLG sign);

– VLG placard with code 30/1202;

– ADR sticker flammable liquids 3;

– ADR sticker environmentally hazardous substances;

– VLG/ADR placard aluminium backplate;

– VLG/ADR placard frame danger signs.


Type container

20ft HiCube

Dimensions outside, lxwxh

6056 x 243.8 x 289.6 cm

Dimensions inside, lxwxh

5891 x 233 x 268,5cm

Dimensions of doors, hxw

228 x 233 cm

Weight empty (container)

2340 kg

Volume container

33.18 m3

Capacity tank




Tank length

4820 mm


COR-TEN steel

Vent openings



4, in conformity with ISO 1161

Stackable full

Up to 2 high

Fork sleeves, l * b

36 * 12mm, centre to centre 2045mm

Option roof hatch

1694 x 776 mm

Option side hatch

407 x 295 mm


Mobile/stationary use


ADR 6.8, KIWA BRL-K796/02, EN13101


RAL 5002 (Blue)

Pump compartment

108 x 70 cm

Option AdBlue-Tank 1000L

placement in the pump space