The DUO SUPPLY KIT is designed to pump both diesel and AdBlue/DEF. The system can serve up to 130 registered users who identify themselves with a PIN or key.

The DUO SUPPLY KIT is available with locally installed software or can be followed in real time with the web-based Dieselplus software. A combination of both is also possible. Maximum insight and control!
The pump and the electronic meter are mounted in a compact steel dispenser.
The fill nozzles are hung in the integrated fill nozzle holders.

For diesel delivery, two capacities are available: you can choose from a 70-80 or 100L/min version.
The electronic meter with an accuracy of ±0.2% clearly indicates how much fuel has been dispensed and the software registers by whom.

For AdBlue delivery, the standard fitted AdBlue pump is used. As an option, the system can be fitted with a dispensing/submersible pump with a dispensing rate of 30L/min and a dispensing meter with an accuracy of ±0.8%.

The set is fitted with a 4m delivery hose and a fill nozzle with auto shut-off.

Duo Supply Kits

Additional description

Suitable for more than 130 users


230 VAC


70, 80 oder 100 (l/min)



Delivery meter


Filling gun

With auto shut-off

Security system

Yes, registration and access control


Diesel + Adblue

Applied to

EnergyTank, AdBlue tanks