EnergyTender+ 3000L HC


The EnergyTender is mainly used for transporting diesel from and dispensing diesel at the mobile workplace, possibly in combination with AdBlue. The galvanised superstructure of the tank is virtually impervious to damage. The galvanised-closing lid can be easily locked by using a round disc padlock or standard padlock with a pin diameter of max 10mm.
The flat stacking profiles on top of the tank make it possible to store another EnergyTender or a loading shovel or other equipment on top. Pure space savings!

The EnergyTender HighCube distinguishes itself from the other models by its height of 1810mm at a length of 2306mm. The HighCube takes up little space and is therefore particularly suitable for use in places where space is at a premium. To give users easy access to the pump space, the drip tray is fitted with a foldable step.
The EnergyTender HighCube is only available in the 3000L capacity.

The EnergyTender conforms to many international standards for fuel containers, as documented in the Tolsma Digital Logbook, which remains inseparably linked to the tank.
The square manhole makes internal inspection easy. Instead of a manhole, a stainless steel AdBlue tank can also be mounted in this position. Choose a capacity of 60L or 200L and an AdBlue pump set of your choice (optional). In that case, the diesel storage capacity of the tank is reduced by an equivalent number of litres.

Relocation is easy and safe thanks to the four lifting rods at the top and the forklift pockets under the drip tray. Due to the compact dimensions of the tanks, two EnergyTenders fit next to each other on a truck bed. Despite the large capacity of 3000L, this also applies to the HighCube.

The HighCube version is equipped with all necessary connections, as well as some spare connections. The breather vent is fitted with tipping/tilting protection. A separate generator set is available for supplying generators. (This can also be mounted at a later stage, because the EnergyTender HC comes prepared for the generator set as standard.)

Every EnergyTender is painted in the RAL colour of your choice at no extra cost, so the tank will perfectly match your corporate identity. An attractive promotional eye-catcher in the open air.
Option: fully galvanised version possible.

EnergyTender+ 3000L HC


Diesel, Diesel + Adblue, Lubricating oil, Waste oil




Basic – 300mm pump space

Dimensions lxwxh

231 x 119 x 181cm



Pump room



2½” Fill opening, 1″ Suction tube, 1½” Monitoring well, Venting, 2x 2″ Reserve, 5x 1″ Reserve



Can be accommodated on 4 sides


Number of lifting bars


Divisible lid


Generator cabinet


Fuel pump set possible

Yes, installation in pump space possible


Standard RAL topcoat, optionally hot-dip galvanised



Suitable for as standard

Diesel, Diesel + Adblue, Lubricating oil, Waste oil


Mobile use



    The set consists of:
    - ½ ” suction pipe with ball valve (2x)
    - ½ ” return pipe with ball valve (2x)

    The set consists of protective gloves and liquid-absorbent granules which can be scattered over the spilled fuel.

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