At Tolsma Tanks we not only develop and build tanks – we also make the structures that protect the tank from collision damage. As a manufacturer, we can deliver custom-made products, which means we can go beyond just meeting the PGS 30 legal requirements and fulfil the customer’s specific wishes as well.
Our collision protection has been developed for the protection of cylindrical tanks, but of course it can also be used to protect machines or other installations from collision damage. It goes without saying that the height and length of the protection structure will be adapted to the dimensions of the object to be protected.

Functionalities and benefits:

  • protection on one side;
  • or from one corner;
  • or all around (protection on all four sides);
  • mounting to the tank itself;
  • or to the floor;
  • solid corner construction;
  • the curved profile provides extra resistance;
  • steel construction, with hot-dip galvanised coating;
  • can be used for other purposes as well;
  • such as the protection of machinery or equipment;
  • made-to-order, so the possibilities are endless!