When connecting or disconnecting a filling hose from a tank system, product may be spilled.

In order to prevent the spillage from causing environmental pollution, a spill containment tray is used to collect the product.

If the fill point is located on top of the tank, a spill containment tray with a capacity of 5L is sufficient.

Tolsma Tanks supplies two types of 5L spill containment trays as standard: a welded-on version and a removable version, both available with a 2" or 3" fill connection.

During the production of a new storage tank, the welded-on spill containment tray is welded to the manhole cover of the fuel tank and painted in the same colour as the fuel tank.

A removable spill containment tray can be mounted onto an existing storage tank. This tray is galvanised in order to offer the same corrosion protection as the painted, welded-on version.

To prevent unauthorised use, the spill containment tray can be locked with a padlock.

For tank installations where the fill point is placed below the liquid level, a spill containment tray with a capacity of 65L can be fitted.

Tolsma Tanks supplies these spill containment trays with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 connections, so that multiple storage tanks can be connected.

Due to its modular design, the spill containment tray can be mounted onto a floor or wall.
The tray is coated with 2-component paint, but stainless steel is also available at no extra charge.

For more information about our spill containment trays, please feel free to contact us.