As an innovative tech company, we are always looking for the best solutions for our customers, i.e. products with clear, distinctive benefits for the user.
The development of the EnergyTender+, for example, has been partly facilitated by an invention by ArcelorMittal: Magnelis®.
Magnelis® is a new zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating for steel which provides corrosion protection for up to 25 years. Another advantage is that the protective layer is self-healing along the cut edges, which are normally the most vulnerable areas.
In addition to the unique, durable corrosion protection, the new material also offers many advantages in terms of processing. Compared to traditional electroplating technology, Magnelis® wins on several fronts, such as material strength. The use of Magnelis® means that the lids of the EnergyTender+ can be made lighter, which is very beneficial for the user.
Tolsma Tanks and ArcelorMittal: a good combination.