The EnergyTenders tend to be moved frequently, especially in the civil-engineering and forestry sectors as well as other dynamic industries, where the installations are needed in different locations. The EnergyTenders are designed for this: features such as lifting rods and forklift pockets make them easy to move. But there are ways to make moving fuel tanks even easier and more efficient. We have developed the Tolsma Teckel+ for extra ease of movement and, above all, time savings. The Teckel+ is a lifting aid that is mounted onto the EnergyTender+ to make it even easier and safer to move.

The new Tolsma Teckel+ is currently only available for the 995L and 1,150L versions of the EnergyTender+, because it was for these capacities that we saw the most market demand. The new and improved Teckel+ makes it possible to pick the tank up with one lifting eye or to move the tank with the arm of an excavator by using the side-mounted brackets.

This in no way reduces access to the tank. The Teckel+ is designed for convenience, efficiency and safe use.
If the EnergyTender+ has to be moved constantly, especially over longer distances, it may be advisable to consider the purchase of one of the Tolsma Tank Wagons.
These IBCs on a chassis for low- or high-speed use are available in different capacities.
See Tolsma Tank Wagons for fuel storage with maximum mobility.