EnergyTowers: compact and practical storage of oils and lubricants

The Tolsma EnergyTowers are so slim that they can be placed behind virtually any door, making them ideal for the storage of waste oil in workshops or production areas, for example. Low floor-space requirements and other practical benefits are standard features.

The EnergyTowers are designed in our own factory and produced in double-walled and single-walled versions.

Add a matching pump set to make your tank complete.

The following storage capacities are available as standard:

Energytower 700L/dw

Energytower 700L

EnergyTower 700L/spill containment tray

Energytower 1000L/dw

Energytower 1000L

EnergyTower 1000L/spill containment tray

Energytower 1200L/dw

Energytower 1200L

EnergyTower 1200L/spill containment tray

Energytower 1500L/dw

Energytower 1500L

EnergyTower 1500L/spill containment tray

Energytower 1800L/dw

Energytower 1800L

EnergyTower 1800L/spill containment tray

Energytower 2400L/dw

Energytower 2400L

EnergyTower 2400L/spill containment tray

Energytower 3000L/dw

Energytower 3000L

EnergyTower 3000L/spill containment tray

EnergyTower 2400L DW