Greater capacity, greater possibilities:
Tolsma Tanks

Mobile storage / EnergyTender+

On the road, where the action is: EnergyTender+

There are many sectors that have to fill a variable fuel need temporarily and/or at varying locations. Tolsma is the inventor of the robust, rectangular, steel fuel IBC which makes this possible. Our IBCs have become a familiar sight throughout Europe. Logical consequence of the unique advantages of this tank design that we continue to further perfect.
This is why the Tolsma EnergyTender+ has become the international standard. The EnergyTender+ ranges in capacity from 500 to 3,000 litres and is available in numerous different versions. For more details, see:
Why choose the EnergyTender+?
For even larger volumes, Tolsma developed the ADRTenders, up to 20,000L!

There is always a Tolsma EnergyTender+ that meets all of your requirements and expectations.


Stationary storage / EnergyTank

Robust, practical and complete: EnergyTanks

Our Tolsma EnergyTanks provide aboveground, visibly safe fuel storage. Double- or single-walled, site-specific, easy to use and manufactured for decades of trouble-free operation. Built by Tolsma Tanks in a range of capacities from 600 to 50,000 litres. Built-in compartments for storage of different liquids possible.

For the storage of products such as waste oil, Tolsma developed the EnergyTower, a stationary tank/spill containment tray combination that requires little floor space and is therefore often used in production areas and workshops. The EnergyTower is also suitable for diesel.