In 1995, the young metal worker Harm Tolsma bought a steel construction company in Tjalleberd in Friesland province, in the very north of the Netherlands. The company’s core competency was advanced welding.

In 1998 he moved the company to Heerenveen. By that time, the company had specialised in the construction of fuel and oil storage tanks. That was the start of what has become Tolsma Tanks, a market leader in its home market which is increasingly successful in many other countries.

The company moved into a new factory in Heerenveen. This premises has since been expanded several times, because Tolsma's IBCs (designed in-house) and other tanks were popular with end users right from the start, and their popularity has only continued to grow.

One of the reasons for this enduring popularity is that the tanks tend to include clever design details that prove their worth in practice on a daily basis.

In the early years, much of what was produced was sold under the brand names of various customers. As a result, it remained unclear for some time who was responsible for the design and construction of the highly-regarded IBCs and other fuel storage tanks.

That’s why nowadays, every Tolsma product bears our own logo, so credit is given where credit is due. This has allowed the company to put itself on the map internationally – the appreciation for our engineering and production has spread far beyond our national borders.

Founder Harm Tolsma is still involved in the management of the company, but his son Jorn has taken over many of his responsibilities, guaranteeing the continuity of the company. Tolsma Tanks is a family business that doesn’t just look ahead to next year – we always have a long-term vision too.

Tolsma Tanks is independent, autonomous and innovative, with laser-like focus on one thing: supplying practical, easy-to-use tanks that are safe to own and operate.