Tolsma Tanks is specialised in the development and construction of aboveground fuel tanks that offer numerous – often unique – practical benefits compared to tanks from other suppliers. Thanks to these innovative details, the ease of use of many of our products is unparalleled, leading to long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Tolsma Tanks wants to make things as easy as possible for its customers. From the first draft design to the last inspection or finetuning of a tank, the user’s interests always come first. But it’s about more than that – we also anticipate future developments and consider the many different environmental aspects that come into play, for example.

The durability and reliability of our products contribute to this, but there’s more. Our products comply with all the European directives for aboveground fuel storage. Even more importantly: many thousands of Tolsma tanks meet the high expectations of our users every day.

We see it as our mission to continue to live up to or exceed these expectations, and provide craftsmanship worthy of the appreciation of professionals. And we are receiving this appreciation, as the feedback from our customers demonstrates.

Tolsma Tanks: a manufacturer with the heart of a service provider.

Tolsma Tanks develops and builds its own tanks. We install, inspect, maintain, modify and lease fuel tanks in all conceivable variations and sizes. Tolsma Tanks is a versatile and knowledgeable market leader – an expert through and through.