Tolsma is an innovative, pragmatic manufacturer of aboveground steel fuel-storage tanks.

Our family business revolves around the customer, or better still: the user of the tanks. We develop and build tanks that offer huge practical benefits, because we are in close contact with the end users.

It is no coincidence that the modern steel fuel IBC was invented by our founder Harm Tolsma and has been improved regularly ever since. The current EnergyTender+ has even more practical benefits than its predecessors, but our cylindrical tanks also set themselves apart through their ease of use and other benefits.

We use the latest technology, including robots, in our production workshops. At the same time, we also recognise the value of traditional craftsmanship, which is how we are able to produce custom solutions.

You will find Tolsma Tanks to be a one-of-a-kind partner:

    • because we have the innovative capacity to develop tanks that offer specific practical benefits;
    • the extensive product range covers virtually every conceivable fuel-storage need, whether stationary or mobile;
    • because our production is highly automated, while still allowing for customisation;
    • because the lines of communication could hardly be shorter;
    • because our Frisian level-headedness and do-as-we-say attitude, combined with the progressive nature of a modern family business, form a solid basis for a healthy business relationship;
    • and the tanks can be fitted with any and all conceivable practical accessories, as desired;
    • to provide the customer/buyer with end-to-end service, including maintenance and inspection of the tanks if necessary.

    Tolsma Tanks, the one-stop-shop formula for fuel storage