Tolsma Tankbouw's great strength in the production of storage tanks is its starting point: the practical reality. Founder Harm Tolsma is a doer at heart, someone with a hands-on approach who is always looking for the most effective way to keep fuel available. He is the inventor of the modern rectangular IBC, which has become exceedingly popular among users of mobile fuel storage. Harm Tolsma combined innovative technology and practical utility in tanks that were unparalleled back then and still are today.

Design and production of storage tanks

Tolsma Tanks has its own design department and its own production facilities. Our production is extremely flexible: we build round and rectangular tanks, both in series and as one-offs.
Our highly automated production lines are manned by craftsmen who still know how to do everything by hand. The tanks are made of steel or stainless steel, primed or painted, and galvanised. We fit them with the pump system of your choosing: we are familiar with the needs in all markets.

Production of customised storage tanks

We can deliver custom-made solutions, even when you only need a single unit. In addition, each of the many hundreds of different tank bodies we build can be adapted to your specifications.
Tolsma is an all-round service provider in the field of aboveground fuel storage. Our tanks meet all the legal requirements applicable in the European countries.