Product overview

Tolsma Tanks can relieve the user of every aspect of aboveground tank storage.

For the mobile storage of oil products, we produce the internationally renowned EnergyTenders+ IBCs, which were developed in-house..
A number of IBC models can be converted into tank wagons in our own workshops by mounting them on a wheeled undercarriage for additional mobility.

For extra-large scale mobile storage, we have designed the ADRTender (Capacity up to 20,000L).

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For stationary storage, Tolsma Tanks produces a range of cylindrical storage tanks with storage capacities ranging from 800L to 50,000L: the EnergyTanks.

If floor space is at a premium – for example because the tank(s) will be placed indoors, in a workshop or in a production area – choose the slim EnergyTowers.
AdBlue® cannot be stored in steel tanks, but it can be stored in Tolsma’s BlueTenders, because they are fitted with a plastic inner tank. The BlueTenders are available in 1,000L and 2,000L capacities. Another possibility: every EnergyTender+ can be equipped with a stainless-steel inner tank – stainless steel is highly resistant to AdBlue®.

Even better, because it is highly efficient in all respects: the Tolsma EnergyTender+ with combined diesel and AdBlue® storage.
The AdBlue® capacity of these combination tanks ranges from 60L to 600L.

Tolsma Tanks is happy to equip each steel with any accessories you may need: a wide range of pump sets, spill containment trays, stairs and platforms, collision protection and other extras ensures that every customer has exactly what they need.

Our Tolsma Teckels make it even easier and safer to move mobile tanks (See accessories).

Tolsma Tanks’ production and service departments work together seamlessly to provide the customer with a turnkey solution. You can leave it all to us!