Legal requirements for fuel storage vary from country to country. All Tolsma tanks meet the strictest European standards. The same is true for our accessories, such as drip or spill containment trays, the Tolsma Teckel, pump sets and trailers for low-speed and high-speed use.
As a major producer and installer of various types of tanks, we manufacture our products in accordance with the applicable national and international regulations.
If necessary, we adapt our products accordingly. As a producer and supplier of tanks on the international market, we keep a close eye on relevant developments and regulations throughout Europe and take action accordingly.

Our mobile EnergyTenders conform to the international ADR transport requirements and are UN-certified..
ADR is the abbreviation for European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.
For use in the Netherlands, the EnergyTender is additionally certified for conformity with the latest version of the Kiwa BRL-K744 guideline. For use in Belgium, the EnergyTender has Vlarem II prototype approval.

In addition to being a supplier of certified tanks, Tolsma Tanks also carries out inspections (in the Netherlands)
Performing water/sludge checks on stationary tank installations and inspections of IBCs and tank containers is also among the services Tolsma Tanks offers in the Netherlands.
Tolsma Tanks has been designated by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment as an approved body authorised to carry out initial and periodic ADR inspections of IBCs and tank containers. Inspections mandated by PGS 30 are carried out by Tolsma Tanks in accordance with Kiwa BRL-K744.
The stationary EnergyTanks conform to the EN 12285-2 European standard for aboveground storage of hazardous substances in horizontal storage tanks. The EnergyTanks also satisfy the requirements set out in Kiwa BRL-K796 and Vlarem II. That is why our EnergyTanks are used in PGS 30- and BRL-K903-compliant fuel installations.
As a Kiwa BRL-K903-certified tank installer, Tolsma Tanks is authorised to install and deliver complete tank installations that come with an installation certificate and logbook.
The following list shows the various certifications our products meet.

Product Assessment guideline Process certificate
EnergyTender (IBC, mobile storage) ADR6.5, BRL-K744 TG1, Vlarem II (for Belgium) K11553-07 BRL-K744-03
ADRTender (Tankcontainer) ADR6.8
EnergyTank BRL-K796, EN12285-2, Vlarem II (for Belgium) K23049-03 BRL-K796-02
EnergyTower BRL-K798 K7655-03 BRL-K798-02
REIT installation BRL-K903/08 K55669-04 BRL-K903-08
Steel containment tray BRL-K792 K7654-03 BRL-K792
Fill point spill containment tray BRL-K748 K21651-03 BRL-K748-02
Tolsiph anti-siphon valve BRL-K916 K54355-02 BRL-K916
Application of coatings on steel tanks or pipes and fittings BRL-K790 TG1 en TG6 K75685-01 BRL-K790
IBC inspections BRL-K744 TG2 (formerly KC112)
K11553-07 BRL-K744-03
Tank-container inspections (footnote 10),
Tolsma Teckel CE directive

For more information about current legislation and regulations, please contact our specialists or your dealer. They will be happy to answer all your questions!
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