The Netherlands appears to be increasingly becoming a guide country in the field of flexibilization. Responding quickly to changing needs has become a condition for companies that want to operate successfully.

Developments follow each other at a rapid pace and that also applies to the energy market. The composition of fuels is subject to change, CO2 accounting, fuel management: more and above all higher requirements are being imposed on users and suppliers of fuel than ever before.

Tolsma Tanks has traditionally been a specialist in flexible fuel distribution, inventing the modern IBC. However, the capacity of conventional IBCs has limitations and that’s why we developed the Tolsma ADRTender, a mobile fuel unit with a capacity of 4,500 to 20,000 liters, built into (sea) containers of 10ft from 20ft.

Oil Distribution North, ODN BV from Bedum (the Netherlands) has ordered an ADRTender with a capacity of 13,500 liters for a large customer. It is a tailor-made complete installation with a delivery capacity of 90 l / min, A hose reel with 15 m hose, digital content meter and overfilling protection. The 1 x 2 ”filling line is equipped with an Elaflex tank truck coupling with non-return valve. The installation is suitable for the storage of diesel, lubricating oil and waste oil.

This complete fuel point has been developed, built and assembled entirely in-house in accordance with ADR 6.8, KIWA BRL-K796, EN13094 standards. The paint system has been selected for corrosion area C3 with a service life of 15 years.

ODN Oil facilitates a large customer with this delivery unit and contributes to the flexibility of the user while protecting the environment because the number of filling cycles can be kept to a minimum. In short: a win-win for all parties involved.

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