Equipment such as excavators, aggregates and other diesel users who do not stay in one place for a long time must be supplied with fuel on time. It just isn’t worth making it permanently available. The Tolsma Tank Wagons meet this mobile requirement. They are compact, manoeuvrable and have sufficient capacity for short-term needs. In short: extremely practical for the mobile fuel requirement. Choose from EnergyTender +, of 500, 700 or 995 litres, built on a chassis for fast traffic: the Tolsma Tank trucks. Fully equipped to deliver fuel anywhere.
The 500L is mounted on a single-axle chassis, the 700 and 995 L on a tandem axle.The EnergyTender + 995KD (see photo) also has additional cupboard space in which an aggregate, an extra hose reel or an AdBlue® tank can be installed. In short: top level mobility and flexibility. All models are equipped with nose wheel, overrun brake and lighting.
The tank wagons comply with all relevant European standards (ADR6.5, BRL-K744, Vlarem II). For export, the Tank truck is delivered with an EC Certificate of Conformity, which is needed to put the tank wagon on registration. Of course, the Tolsma Tank trucks can be produced in all company colours and can be adapted to the client’s house style. After all, it is not just our proud , but yours too!