EnergyTowers: safe, compact storage of oil products

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EnergyTowers: safe, compact storage of oil products

Tolsma’s EnergyTowers have been specially developed for the safe stationary storage of K3 products, such as waste oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. The Towers are also suitable for the storage of diesel fuel.

Compact fuel storage

The Tolsma EnergyTowers are designed to take up little floor space, making them highly suitable for placement in workshops and factories. The EnergyTowers are particularly suitable for places where maintenance work is carried out and a certified storage tank is needed to provide storage for waste oil, lubricants or hydraulic oil. As standard, the Towers are manufactured in capacities from 700 to 3,000 litres, in either a double-walled or a single-walled version with a spill containment tray. It is possible to place several tanks in a single containment tray to save space..

The benefits

The EnergyTowers:

  • are durable and high-quality;
  • are compact; they take up little space;
  • have been specially developed for K3 storage;
  • are Kiwa-certified;
  • can be expanded with a wide range of practical accessories
  • can be combined flexibly; different tanks can share one spill containment tray.


Each EnergyTower fuel tank can be factory-fitted with various pump sets, hose reels, dispensing nozzles and other accessories.
The tank is delivered with Kiwa certification for the tank and spill containment tray, or even for the complete installation supplied by Tolsma Tanks, if desired.


If Tolsma Tanks’ extensive product range doesn’t meet all of your needs, get in touch with our sales and engineering department to discuss the options for a customised design and product. Feel free to contact us with no obligation.
In addition to the EnergyTowers, Tolsma Tanks produces a wide range of stationary EnergyTanks, varying in capacity from 800 to 35,000 litres.