The concept of the modern rectangular steel IBC was developed by company founder Harm Tolsma decades ago, setting an industry-wide standard. By continuously updating and improving the design, Tolsma Tanks always stays one step ahead of those who followed in its footsteps. Our products are superior in terms of ease of use, user safety and other relevant aspects. The Tolsma EnergyTender is and remains ‘the original’.

The latest innovation is the development of a galvanised superstructure for the tank, including strong stacking profiles and a recessed lid. Another storage tank of equal or larger size, or even a loading shovel or other equipment, can be placed on top of the EnergyTender+, as the new model is called. By making the top of the EnergyTender+ fully available as a ‘parking space’ for other equipment, the EnergyTender+ creates space at the construction site or any other location where the tank is used.

An additional advantage is the possibility of combining the storage of diesel and AdBlue®. Depending on the type of tank, 60, 80 or 200 litres of AdBlue® can be stored. The expanded EnergyTender+K can even be fitted with a 650-litre AdBlue® tank, without reducing the diesel storage capacity.

Tolsma Tanks builds a wide range of mobile storage tanks. Our extensive product range brings together storage capacity and a wide range of possible accessories, enabling us to meet every need of every customer. Mounted on a frame for low-speed or high-speed use, they form a practical, manoeuvrable tank trailer with capacities of 500L to 3000L.

  • EnergyTender+ Basic

    From 500L to 3,000L

    The highly practical double-walled basic model, available in many standard sizes.

    The EnergyTender+ Basic is easy to move, thanks to forklift pockets at every corner. The protruding stacking profiles on top of the tank protect the recessed lid which, like the profiles, is made of galvanised steel  – strong and impervious to surface damage. The stacking profiles are fitted with lifting rods that allow safe, balanced vertical transport.

    The EnergyTender+ is compact yet robust. It is constructed to easily support the weight of a second EnergyTender+ on top – of either the same or a different size – or even an excavator bucket or other equipment.

    The EnergyTender+ Basic is available in many different capacities, from 500L up to 3,000L. It can be finished in any RAL colour at no extra charge so the tank will perfectly match your corporate identity.

    The EnergyTender+ Basic is ideal for use in the civil-engineering and forestry sectors as well as anywhere else where mobile energy is needed. The 3,000L version is also available in extra-high (181 cm) or extra-wide (1512 cm) versions.

    When equipped with an extra generator set, the EnergyTender+ is the ideal fuel supply system for generators.

    With the exception of the smallest sizes, all EnergyTender+ models can be equipped with additional storage capacity for AdBlue®.

  • Energytender+ XL

    From 995 to 2,200L

    The XL version of the EnergyTender+ is virtually the same as the Basic model, with the exception of the pump compartment , the length of which has been increased to 50 cm in the XL version.

    The extra space can be used to store a generator or a large hose reel, which increases the range of the tank even further.

    It is often used to install a generator.

    For AdBlue® users, an AdBlue® tank with a capacity of 200L can be installed in the pump compartment, with the tank’s diesel capacity remaining the same. Another possibility is the installation of a 60L stainless steel AdBlue® tank in the manhole of the tank. In that case, the diesel storage capacity of the tank is reduced by an equivalent number of litres.

  • Energytender+ K

    From 995 to 2,200L

    The EnergyTender+ K offers all the benefits of the basic EnergyTender+ model, but has been expanded to include an extra storage locker for tools, lifting chains or other equipment. The locker is located on the front end of the tank and accessible from above through a hatch that is fitted with a gas spring.

    The available locker space is often used for the installation of an AdBlue® tank with a capacity of 450 to 600 litres. In this case, a separate pump set for the AdBlue® can be factory-fitted so the tank is delivered fully finished. Plug and play!

    Do you need to be able to open the locker from the side? Go with the EnergyTender+ XL-KD, specially designed to accommodate a generator, reel or other equipment that needs to be easily accessible.

  • Energytender+ KD

    From 995 to 2200L

    The EnergyTender+ KD offers all the benefits of the basic EnergyTender+ model, as well as those of the EnergyTender+ K. The main difference is the storage locker at the front is accessed via a lockable steel door.

    This is particularly important in situations in which a generator, reel or other system that needs to be easily accessible is installed in the locker.

    On request, our tank builders can, of course, assemble and deliver the tank complete with the required systems or accessories (i.e. the generator, reel or pump set of your choice).

  • Tolsma Tender+ Tank Trailers

    All EnergyTender+ tanks are easy to move in various ways. For even greater mobility and flexibility, Tolsma Tanks has developed a number of compact trailers: EnergyTender+ tanks on a single-axle or tandem-axle chassis for low-speed or high-speed use, the Tolsma Tender+ Tank Trailers.

    Trailers with capacities ranging from 500L to 995L are available for high-speed use.
    For low-speed use you can choose between a fuel capacity of 2200L and 3000L. The latter trailers can be painted in any RAL colour to match your corporate identity and equipped with a wide range of accessories, including a height-adjustable drawbar eye. Of course, all the trailers can be optionally equipped with reels, pump sets and other accessories, even including the application of stickers with the customer’s company logo. In some cases, the installation of an AdBlue® tank is also possible. A practical, lockable toolbox is another option, ideally suited to house a battery pack.

Need mobile super capacity fuel storage? Tolsma Tanks designed and builds the ADRTender, a mobile tank with a capacity of a minimum of 4,500L to a maximum of 20,000 L. The solution for the large-scale mobile energy requirement.