The practical value of a mobile tank is mainly determined by its level of equipment.

Tolsma Tanks has developed a number of handy accessories to ensure that the use and maintenance of its mobile tanks perfectly align with the user’s daily operations.

The tank contents can be easily read with a mechanical fill gauge or dipstick. Every tank installation can be factory-fitted with a suitable pump set.

Tolsma Tanks offers an extensive range of pump sets, ranging from simple hand pumps to complete registration and security systems for dispensing fuels and AdBlue.
In order to comply with the legal requirements, the pump sets are equipped with the Tolsiph anti-siphon valve, developed by Tolsma Tanks itself.

The Tolsma Teckel has been developed for extra ease of movement, safety and, above all, time savings. The Teckel is a lifting aid that makes the EnergyTender (as of yet, just the 995L and 1,150L) easier to move. The Teckel makes it possible to pick up the EnergyTender+ with just one lifting eye, and move it safely without wasting time. The EnergyTender+ can also be moved quickly and easily using the teeth of an excavator bucket, thanks to the Teckel.